Howdy! This is Nahua, a Renaissance human with an unconventional path to programming.

I am passionate about open source software and have previously contributed to open source projects such as OpenMined and Exercism.

Most recently I have contributed to Rust Clippy, SeaORM, shuttle, as well as V.

Programming story

When I was 16, I read Eric S. Raymond's How to be a hacker and tried Turbo Pascal in a crash course session at my high school. It made me feel stupid and I gave up quickly.

About 10 years later, over a coffee in a mountaineous town in Switzerland, a kind and friendly value investor softly rejected my internship application to his investment fund. Instead, he recommended me to learn Python.

I was shocked. Never did I imagine that my life would have gone a full circle to come back to a subject that haunted me a decade before. I went to sleep feeling hopeless and defeated.

The next morning, having woken up and found an online tutorial for Python, I bit my teeth and gave it a try.

The rest is history.