Nahua Kang

A Roman tinkerer among Greeks

Nahua Kang

Howdy! Nahua here.

I am a software engineer, writer, and open source enthusiast.

I live in Berlin. You can find me on Github, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

This blog

I write this blog in an attempt to understand the concepts and things I learn every day:

See that bird? It’s a brown-throated thrush, but in Germany it’s called a halzenfugel, and in Chinese they call it a chung ling and even if you know all those names for it, you still know nothing about the bird. You only know something about people; what they call the bird. Now that thrush sings, and teaches its young to fly, and flies so many miles away during the summer across the country, and nobody knows how it finds its way.

  • Richard P. Feynman, "What Do You Care What Other People Think?"

What I Value

I strongly believe in the tremendous growth potential in each human. However, while programmers are gifted with the magic to empower others to realize their potential, our industry has deviated from this noble cause and unleashed dark magic that glued people's fingers and faces to screens while polarizing people's opinions of reality.

This is why I am passionate about privacy-preserving AI, a cleaner Internet, and software applications that empower each and every individual to become a better version of themselves.


I am constantly aquiring new skills. Below are some of the languages, frameworks, and tools that I have used or tinkered with.

Programming Languages: Python, Rust, Go, Javascript, Swift, and SQL.

Libraries and Frameworks: Flask, Django, PostgreSQL, PyTorch, TensorFlow, gorilla/mux, pandas, NumPy.

Development Tools: Git, Bash/Zsh, Docker, Emacs, Vim.

Programming story

When I was 16, I tried Turbo Pascal in a crash course session at my high school. I did not know that most other students in the session had already learned programming one way or another, so I felt stupid and was scared out of ever touching a DOS again.

About 10 years later, over a coffee in a mountaineous town in Switzerland, a kind and friendly value investor softly rejected my proposal to do an internship at his investment fund. Instead, he recommended me to learn Python for machine learning.

I was shocked. Never did I imagine that my life would have gone a full circle to come back to a subject that haunted me a decade ago. I went to sleep feeling defeated.

The next morning, having woken up and found an online tutorial for Python, I bit my teeth and gave it a try.

The rest is history.