Nahua Kang

A Roman tinkerer among Greeks

Professional Work

Currently I work as a software engineer for Twenty Billion Neurons. My day-to-day role is using Python to implement the "logical functionality" of the brain of a deep-learning-powered virtual fitness trainer Ally. Download the app in App Store, it's amazing and I use it 3-4 times every week!

Open Source Projects


I am a firm believer in open source software. As of now, I devote my spare time to contribute to OpenMined, the privacy-preserving AI project that aims to unlock the power of deep learning and data while respecting the privacy for each individual. My roles include:


I also contribute to TwentyBN's open source project Sense, which enhances software applications with the ability to see and interact with humans using nothing but an RGB camera.

Rust-Clippy and Veloren

At present, I am also looking into Rust-Clippy, a lint crate for the Rust language, as well as Veloren, a voxel RPG game written in Rust.

Deep Learning

Previously, I have completed Udacity's Nanodegree Foundation in Deep Learning.

You might have seen my posts on deep learning before on Medium that have accumulated over 181K and 62K views each: